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Blessed New Year...

May this new year be a blessed year foremost to all of you who suffer in heart mind or soul. I send you all my love and light and blessings for the best year you can imagine now that we have shifted within this year 2012 in favour to the positive. Hold in mind that no matter what we experience there are so much more shelter care and love in this world then we think, unfortunately thats not those who have the most caring and understanding view who have the strongest voice. Theres more likely so that the truth are wispered in the wind and in our own soul for those who slow down a little and grasp every magic moment that passes by like the bird in the sky<3
With all my love to you in this new year to come;)Dick Scott

Reiki Principles...

Reiki Poem

Reiki connect us to the essence of life~ Reiki is a state of mind~ The power behind~ Reiki forgives so that love can bring~ Reiki is the bound between every living thing~ ♥ DickScott2012©