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God Guides Christian to Reiki

by Robin Littlefeather Hannon

Hello everyone,

I would like to share this with you. Perhaps this story might be of some help to others like myself.
I am a Reiki professional who also happens to have a degree in Divinity. I was a lay minister, healer, and deliverance minister in the born again circles from 1980-1992. As well I also was involved in the music ministry for the same number of years. In 1992 I developed a crippling herniation in my back. This went on for several years before it was found because the herniation had gone into the spinal canal. During that time my church basically went on a rampage against me. I was not healed no matter how positive my confession, nor how many times hands were laid on me. Eventually the church questioned the quality of my faith and commitment. I was shamed, blamed for my illness, and eventually stripped of my ministry and asked to step down.
This was a devastating blow as you can imagine. I was incredibly wounded and spent many years hermitiizing after that. My life had fallen into pieces. I'd lost my identity, my friends, my faith, and it appeared as if the Savior I'd served had deserted me. Yet in this desert time of affliction and pain I kept praying to Jesus, and to God to open up new doors and show me the path to take.
I began several years ago once more by reaching out online in various Christian chats. For me this was a new beginning and a safe one. I did not have to physically interact; there was the safety of a computer between me and another person, yet I was making a big difference in the quality of people's lives. During this time a friend of mine suggested Reiki to me because physically I was a mess, and mentally and spiritually I wasn't in much better shape. I read up on it, and of course my initial reaction of ignorance was, this is New Age, and not a door I care to open. Yet from that day on, the idea of Reiki kept coming up in various unexpected ways. It seemed as if Reiki people were popping up out of the woodwork at me. It became a running gag. I'd go to a store and meet someone who did Reiki, get on the net and meet someone who did Reiki, go to a restroom and what else...find a woman who did Reiki. Finally I threw my hands up in exasperation and said OK Jesus I get the hint. I finally made an appointment with David Gleekel of the Reiki Center of Greater Washington.

Now this is where God has the best sense of humor. I am Native on my father's side and Jewish on my mother's side. Technically this makes me Jewish, but my Native roots are strong. In any event I got to talking to David Gleekel and find out what else...he's Jewish and very drawn to Shamanism and Native studies. I had to chuckle at God's humor in the situation. When I met David I explained my fears of Reiki coming from the born again perspective, yet I also explained all the 'happenstance" surrounding my decision to come there. After some discussion instead of a Reiki session we ended up doing a Native drumming session. This was so endearing, and he was such a lovely person I decided to make an appointment for a Reiki session for the next visit. One visit led to another, and I began to see emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. I decided that I wanted to pursue a Master in Reiki and I now have several modalities of Reiki including Sekhem-Seichim, Lightarian, and Usui Shinpiden Ryoho. The interesting and amusing thing is that Jesus always comes to attend and help with my sessions.
Since then Jesus and I work together in Reiki for the purpose of promoting healing through Reiki. My relationship with Jesus is closer than it's ever been, and perhaps more profound. I've learned that there is a difference between a religion vs. a real relationship with Jesus. As well Jesus is not just my Reiki buddy, he's my Savior, my life, and my best friend. It is in this dedication to the renewal of my life that I write this to you.
May God bless and keep you, may He cause His face to shine on you and bring you Shalom

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